1 Call DFW is a place where homeless men, women and children can receive help and hope during their time of need.

1 Call DFW is a path to recovery and self-sufficient living.

1 Call DFW is a promise that there is a way to begin again.

1 Call DFW Ministry


List Of Items to Donate

List Of Items to Donate



Hydrating The Homeless

1 Call DFW mission is to hydrate the bodies of homeless women, children and men who don’t have access to life’s most basic necessities. Water is on the top of that list. 1 Call DFW supplies bottled water in an effort to eliminate the need for drinking whatever is available and suffering the effects of drinking water that is not fit for consumption. Physical hydration that also delivers a simple inspirational message in a single word. In the life of a person who is homeless surviving comes before everything. Over time, life on the streets, erodes one’s self esteem and feelings of love, hope, and faith. Holding a bottle with an inspirational word provides a powerful affirmation that is important for those who are not being replenished emotionally or spiritually.

List Of Items to Donate

List Of Items to Donate

List Of Items to Donate


 The best items to donate include:

  • Winter weather clothing (such as hats, mittens, coats, and boots)
  • New underwear and socks
  • Travel-sized hygiene items (toothpaste, soap, etc.)
  • Professional clothing (a hurdle to overcoming homelessness is looking presentable at job interviews)
  • First aid items (such as Neosporin, Band-Aids, antibacterial cream, and hand sanitizer)
  • Secondary medical items (such as sunscreen, heavy duty lotions like Bag Balm, allergy medication, and tissues)
  • Bus passes (great for helping them get to job interviews)
  • Linens (i.e. twin sheets, towels, pillows and pillow cases)
  • Fresh Fruit
  • Non Perishable food
  • Cash
  • Gift Cards
  • Hygiene (such as razors, deodorant, soap, towels, toothpaste, tooth brushes, mouthwash, etc.)


List Of Items to Donate

Support Services Such As


 Provide food. One of the constant struggles of homelessness is finding enough to eat. 

  • Many who are given cash are not allowed into the restaurants to eat.
  • We make non perishable food bags.
  • We also buy or cook hot meals to distribute.
  • We get fresh fruits to distribute.


Our Core Values

  1. Honor God in everything you do
  2. Build relationships based on trust and respect
  3. Maintain integrity and excellence in programs and services
  4. Practice responsible stewardship

Support Services Such As

Support Services Such As

Support Services Such As


  •  Support mental health services. Mental health problems can be both a cause and an effect of homelessness. One of the best ways to make a difference for homeless people is to encourage and support access to free or low-cost mental health services. Support local mental health clinics and write to politicians about their importance. 
  •  Support affordable housing initiatives. Another problem that exacerbates homelessness in many cities is the lack of affordable housing. Support ballot initiatives for affordable housing and write to local housing organizations to help them understand the need. Speak out against new housing developments which are not affordable. 
  •  Support free and low cost medical care. Basic medical care is also a huge problem for homeless people. They are more prone to serious health problems but are stuck in a position where they cannot afford help. Support local free or low-cost clinics, and work on getting more free clinics in your city. 
  •  Support day shelters. Day shelters are another service which can help homeless people get back on their feet. These shelters give homeless people a safe place to stay and store their things. Day shelters are uncommon, so if your city doesn't have one, talk to your local city councilors or mayor about establishing one. 
  •  Support libraries. Local libraries are a huge resource for homeless people. They make job searching tools, such as the internet, free and available for the homeless. They are also a source of important information, and often host programs that can help people learn the skills necessary to get a job 

Other Ways You Can Help

Support Services Such As

Other Ways You Can Help


 Create jobs. If you're in a position where you can give a homeless person a job, do it! Whether it's offering to hire and train someone in a position like a secretary or file clerk, or just letting them do odd jobs like mowing your lawn, this can really make a huge difference for a homeless person.

  • Be sure, however, that you don't take advantage of them. Pay homeless people a reasonable and fair amount of money.
  •  Give your recyclables to homeless people. Many homeless people rely on the small return they get on bottles and cans from recycling centers to purchase food or other necessities. If you live in an area that supports this sort of recycling program, pile all your cans and bottles in a bag. Ask local homeless individuals if they would be interested in taking your recyclables 
  •  Seek to understand people who are homeless. There is a lot of literature on homelessness that can help you better understand the causes and impacts of homeless on both individuals and society. By improving your understanding of homelessness, you’ll be able to identify more ways to help the homeless and educate others about the problem.

 Identify and dispel stereotypes. Many people carry around certain preconceived notions about what homeless people are like and why they are homeless. For instance, some people think the homeless are only on the streets because of their own poor choices. In fact, this is often untrue. Look for stereotypes in the thinking of others, and gently correct them when you hear uninformed statements about the homeless.

  • Continually evaluate your own ideas about homelessness and keep an open mind.

 Respect homeless people. Homeless people deserve the same level of courtesy and consideration as anyone else. Treat them with the same level of kindness that you afford your friends and coworkers. 

Be Kind and Smile

Support Services Such As

Other Ways You Can Help


 The homeless often feel invisible, which can hurt their self-confidence and general attitude. Smile at homeless people when you pass them and speak to them with kindness if you have the opportunity. Simply smiling at someone or saying hello can often make their day 

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