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Lets look at the situation and come up with some solutions

Lets look at the situation and come up with some solutions

Lets look at the situation and come up with some solutions Lets look at the situation and come up with some solutions

I am a Problem Solver.


Problems! We all have them, and they can so often create incredible amounts of pressure and stress. A small problem for one person can seem like a mountain of stress for another.

We have an 8 Step Process to help you.

 So if this interests you. Contact us today.


Do you need a much needed massage?

We can come to you. Licensed and Portable.


In-Home Massage in Dallas / Fort Worth

Book and delight in an on-demand and in-home same-day between 5 pm to 2 am 1 Call DFW  Massage in Texas for mobile massage or we can host in Dallas.

You can enjoy your 1 Call DFW Massage, anywhere in the so-called Metroplex of Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas. Between them, Dallas and Fort Worth comprise the fourth-largest city metro in the United States, and every inch of it can be the site of a relaxing 1 Call DFW massage in-home or hotel room table massages.

How it Works

 How It Works

Book a massage easily in seconds by calling or texting us at 469-264-4332.

A massage therapist will come to your home, hotel, or office in as little as an hour, or schedule in advance.ou will get a response and an appointment will be set.

A massage therapist will come to your Dallas / Fort Worth home, hotel, or office at the appointed time between 5 pm and 2 am.

Relax and recuperate with a spa-quality massage in the comfort of your Dallas / Fort Worth home.



Senior Services:

This truly is one of our specialties.  We provide companion visits to our clients which are second to none. Our team is focused on improving their quality of life by providing meaningful conversation and not just companionship, but friendship. From going to the store, to helping our clients stay in touch with their friends and family, we are there to support them.  This is a service that not only serves our seniors themselves, but provides peace of mind to their families as well. We become their eyes and ears when you can’t be there. So many families are riddled with guilt because they want to “do more” but are overwhelmed with other limitations. Having us there as part of their team provides a safe reliable alternative when you just can’t be there.  A once a week visit does a lot for those who need just a little assistance. This is not nursing or Adult Daycare. 

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Contact us today and see how we can help. 469-816-5973 Ask for Glen


1 Call DFW Garage Door Repair

We can fix it

 Garage Door Maintenance

A small investment put into garage door maintenance every year ensures that your door will last long, works well, and eliminates the potential for a bigger expense and inconvenience down the road. Routine garage door maintenance also helps prevent serious injuries to people and severe damage to cars and other property.

At 1 Call DFW Door Service, we see thousands of garage doors each year, and we've found that preventative maintenance is a fast and easy way to get the most out of your investment. We will lube, oil, and adjust your door, look for loose bolts and screws, and check the alignment, balance, and safety features of your garage door. Call 1 Call DFW Garage Door Service today to schedule routine maintenance for your garage door and opener.


1 Call DFW Garage Door Service can handle all your garage door spring repairs and replacements. If your garage door doesn’t seem to be functioning fully and normally, the culprit may be the door springs. Do not attempt to fix or replace your garage door springs yourself! Our trained professionals will safely and knowledgeably repair the large and potentially dangerous springs that are responsible for smoothly lifting your 400+ pound garage door.

Our garage door spring repair and replacement services apply to both torsion and extension springs, from broken or corroded spring replacement to extended and loose springs, the employees of 1 CallDFW Garage Door will have your garage door working effectively, efficiently, and most importantly, safely again.

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Contact us at 469-816-5973. Leave us a message or text and we will get back to you as soon as possible.