Lets look at the situation and come up with some solutions

Lets look at the situation and come up with some solutions

Lets look at the situation and come up with some solutions Lets look at the situation and come up with some solutions

I am a Problem Solver.


Problems! We all have them, and they can so often create incredible amounts of pressure and stress. A small problem for one person can seem like a mountain of stress for another.

We have an 8 Step Process to help you.

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1 Call DFW Porch Pirates Prevention Service

The Only Real Solution to a Big Problem

  By using 1 Call DFW  Porch Pirates Prevention Service. Your packages will be sent to our designated address where their is always someone there to receive your package. Then we can take a picture of it and text you or email you to let you know what we have received it. Then we proceed to setup a delivery time where we know you will be home. Problem solved. 

If you have multiple packages coming from different carriers. You can have them all sent to the one address and delivery at the same time at your convenience. For a monthly membership fee and a small cost per package delivered.. we can ensure your packages will get to you.

Lets make one thing clear.

  1. Ring does not stop them
  2. Cameras do not stop them
  3. Signing for it so the carrier will not leave it on your porch could work unless you miss them and when missing it. You are having to drive miles to get your package from their office which is inconvenient.

We will help you...

  • Outsmart package thieves
  • Not be a victim to crooks
  • Not miss another day or time off of work waiting for your packages

You will be notified via text of your appointment. you will see when we are on are way and can track us. You will also be able to leave a review upon completion of your delivery.


The Concern With Porch Pirates

Before we look at what you can do about the possibility of package theft, let us first take a look at what exactly porch pirates are and what the issue at hand is with them.

A porch pirate is essentially anyone who grabs a package that has been left for you on your porch.

This means anyone who decides to place an order for an item on the internet and decides to have the item delivered to their doorstep might be at risk if they will not be home when the package arrives.

A lot of the courier companies out there will simply drop off the package in front of the customer’s door, leaving it open on the porch for anyone to see.

A lot of criminals do not go through the troubles of breaking into houses – becoming a porch pirate is more convenient to them.

They would take a look at the time of the year – whenever the holidays are coming up and the number of packages delivered to local residents increases, then they start to look out for delivery vans that will be dropping off these packages.

One of the most important times of the years that people should be extra careful and watch out for these porch pirates would be in December when it comes time for Christmas.

During this time, a lot of people are ordering Christmas presents on the internet.

Stores in the local areas are usually packed with customers during Christmas time – and this means a person would often have to spend a significant period of time standing in lines.

This is impossible for some people, which means they might miss out on great specials available at these stores.

When these people turn to the internet, they are able to place an order for items that are on a holiday promotion and get the product delivered to their doorstep.

It is not only around Christmas time that we need to be so vigilant.

Take, for example, Black Friday.

On this day, a lot of promotions are offered, but many people do not have the time to go and stand in long lines.

This is where the internet comes in handy again.

When these times arrive, then these porch pirates will often sit outside and take notice of any delivery vans coming up to a local neighborhood.

They would look at when a package is being dropped and where – and then they would make their move the first opportunity they get.


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